Exterior Decorating in Exeter


In the rare appearances of British sunshine, the best first deposit bonus casino can create a bright and fresh exterior to be proud of this summer.


Distinct Décor have years of experience in exterior decorating, with knowledge of the best spielautomaten spiele for your property as well as advice for maintain a beautiful exterior.


In the summer months this year, allowing your exterior walls some time to dry out from the last bout of wet weather, re-painting or plastering your home could bring you the much-needed nudge to spend your summer in your garden, admiring your fresh, new home.


To find out more about giving your home a face-lift in Exeter, contact Distinct Décor today.


Trade Paint vs DIY


If you are considering a decorating job, hiring a decorator or doing it yourself, it’s worth knowing that the tools you have are adequate for the job.


For any decorating job, the best place to start is with the right paint, whether interior, exterior, gloss of satin. It appears the DIY paint market may be short changing the public in that many professional decorators are unhappy to use or pay the prices for the DIY versions. They believe there are better consistency, more cost-effective TRADE paint options available.


Some differences in trade paint are the increased amounts of pigments, or coloured dyes in the paint. This means trade paint will take less paint than a DIY paint to produce the same opacity and coverage.


If you are interested in a professional Decorating Service in Exeter, visit Distinct Decor to see what we can do for you.


Hiring a Decorator

It is estimated that people in the UK spend £925,000,000 on decorating materials to refurbish or change their living space. Research shows that more people are choosing to invest in their existing home for their own personal enjoyment and also with a view to selling their property.


The research suggests that a large proportion of householders recognise the benefits of employing a professional decorator to carry out the work for them. When searching for a reputable company to carry out the work, look for companies that adhere to the Government Buy with Confidence scheme, try Distinct Décor who are Commercial decorators in Exeter.


Moving house is often the catalyst for major redecorating or remodelling. Stamping your style on your new home is quite often high on the list of priorities.


If you are Donald Trump you may have a particular style developed over time that you favour. It will probably not be as grand as Mr Trump’s ‘Trumpitecture’, lots of gold drapes and upholstery and 6000 metres of specially commissioned carpet installed.


Previous First Ladies have employed interior designers to achieve ‘the look’ they require with each having their own particular ideas. Employing a local and experienced painting and exterior decorator can give you the confidence to try something a little more bold and exciting. They will be happy to give you the benefit of their experience and suggest colour schemes in keeping with your lifestyle and choices, for all your decorating services in Exeter call Distinct Décor today.


Distinct Decor
If condensation is an issue in your bathroom or kitchen, Crown Paints have recently brought out a new anti fungal paint designed to inhibit mould and bacteria growth.


The paint is available in either matt or eggshell finish and is fully washable making it the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms, and because it is antibacterial it is a good choice for rooms where the need for cleanliness is important.


Distinct Decor is a trading standards approved decorator based in Exeter who would be happy to advise and discuss your painting and decorating in Exeter project with you.

Dulux App announced
Choosing a new colour scheme for your home just got easier with the relaunch of AzkoNoble’s phone app – Dulux Visualiser. First available in 2014 the app has been updated and enhanced and includes many new features.


When you use the app you can alter the colour scheme of your room simply by tapping the walls on the screen and selecting a colour from the complete Dulux range. Using your phone just like a camera the app shows you your home and instantly changes the colour of the selected wall. If you want a second opinion you can share your idea on social media with your friends and family.


More than 30% of people struggle to imagine what their home will look like with a different colour scheme and whether the new colours will fit with their existing furniture, curtains and carpets. Using the app will give people an instant view of their room with all that it contains so they can get a very good idea of whether they like the change or not, without lifting a paint brush!


One of the major advantages of the app is the ability to share your thoughts and ideas with your Decorator. They will be able to give you the benefit of their professional experience with colours and room settings to advise you on different shades and finishes, which will add to your basic design idea.


You can download the app now for the iphone and it will be available soon for android phones, call Distinct Décor for all your exterior painting in Exeter .


Crown Paints win Sustainable Business Award

Crown Paints have been awarded The Grichan Partnerships Sustainable Business Award at the 2015 Lloyds Bank National Business Awards for their Earthbalance® sustainability programme.


Crown have been paint manufacturers for over 200 years. The Earthbalance® programme began in 2008 with the aim of reducing the Company’s overall environmental impact by 10% in 2015 and 25% by 2020. The team introduced a number of initiatives to raise awareness and involve customers and local communities.


In 2013 a scheme named ‘Kick out the Can’ encouraged people to return their surplus paint to Crown Decorating Centres for recycling. Over 5000 paint containers are returned each year and this paint has been donated to good causes and used for improving community centres, youth clubs, sport centres etc. throughout the UK.


Joe Devitt, Managing Director of Crown Paints, said: “We are absolutely delighted with this news. “It’s a testimony to all the hard work the team have put in across the entire business. “Crown’s brand is focused on the fact that ‘it’s not just paint, it’s personal’. “As such, our business is as much about our people as our products and that’s reflected in the way our staff, suppliers and clients have supported the activity.”


Crown Paints have a wide range of products for most painting and decorating needs, to contact a specialist in Painting & Decorating in Exeter call 01392 664994.


Farrow & Ball are recognised as a brand that produce trusted, quality products.


Founded in 1946 by John Farrow and Richard Ball the pair worked together in a Dorset clay factory. Both were chemists and had a desire to start their own business producing a range of paints using traditional practices and natural pigments.


The Company was sold in the late 1960’s and moved to its current location after a fire destroyed their premises.
Major changes took place during the 1990’s, Tom Helme, a Historical Decorator and Martin Ephson an experienced Financier used their experience and contacts to move the Company forward. Working closely with the National Trust new paints were developed for historic buildings and along with range of colours reflecting the style of older properties.


Environmental issues have always been important to the Company and in 2010 all their paints were switched to water based.


Staying one step ahead of current trends is part of the success of the company and many innovative ideas can be found on their website . If you are considering decorating your home contact us at Distinct Décor, for all your Painting & Decorating in Exeter.


Suns out time to Decorate!

There’s something about the spring and summer that makes us take a look at our surroundings and want to improve or redecorate them. The light is brighter and shows up all kinds of problems that we would probably rather it didn’t!


You may have spent the winter months dreaming of the warmer brighter days and now want your environment to reflect your mood.


One popular way to achieve this is to employ a specialist Painting and Decorating firm in Exeter to help you realise your vision. It can be tempting to opt for bland and neutral colours but by engaging a specialist they will be able to give you the benefit of their vast experience and perhaps suggest colour combinations that you would not have previously considered.


Painting the outside of your house has its own unique requirements and unless you have the right equipment and are happy working at heights it is probably best to use someone experienced in exterior decorating in Exeter . Not only will they do all the hard work for you they have the skills and specialist knowledge to deliver a first class job.


Kings-Theatre-Edinburgh-Johnstones-TradeKing’s Theatre, Edinburgh is one of Scotland’s most prestigious theatres. Opened in 1906 it is in continuous use throughout the year with a varied programme of shows and events.


The Theatre was recently redecorated using Johnstone’s Trade paints. The 20 strong decorating team completed the three month project in just seven weeks, working around the clock to ensure the Theatre was open to take part in the Edinburgh Festival as it had several events planned.


Johnstone’s Trade’s high performance Acrylic Durable Matt was applied to public corridors, the main staircase, auditorium and bar area of the venue by the decorators as a highly durable, stain resistant and washable finish was required. The team was also involved in the painting of a specially commissioned mural, designed by renowned Scottish artist, John Byrne.